Wine by Design
Yard Dog White - 2009

Name: Yard Dog White Blend
Year: 2009
Purchased at: Wholefoods, Portland, ME
Price: $9
Design: Quirky, Offbeat, Fun Typography
Expectations: Fun and Likeable 
Recommendation: Great for the money. 

We found ourselves in wholefoods this week with a little time to kill before our to-go meal was ready. And what better way to enjoy a little free time in this massive grocery store than browsing through the wine section? After perusing the french selections, alternative whites, and the little corner of saki’s we came across this little label with a very odd dog gracing the cover. So of course we decided to take this little pup home. 

This Australian wine is produced by Red Heads vineyards and is most definitely a mutt. A white mixture of 53% chardonnay, 36% Sauvignon Blanc, 6% Semillion and 5% Viognier.

Judging by the label we expected to really like this wine. I mean, the color palate was fun, the dog illustration was weird and off kilter, and it was dog themed and we are definitely dog people. Thankfully we were right! We unscrewed the top, poured a glass and sat down to enjoy.

This blend ended up being a great summer wine at a great price. Although it didn’t have an distinct scent, it definitely had a great mix of flavors. It was a very crisp tasting blend with the most prominent flavor profile being green apple, with a some citrus mixed in as well. The tart taste had a way of snapping me out of the sour mood I had been in most of the day, and for that I was grateful. Sometimes bringing home a stray dog is just what you need.